Last Monday, the 10th of February, Sabre Polska officially changed its headquarters, moving to the Tischnera Office. The building, realized by Cavatina Holding, hosts the Krakow Global Development Center, employs more than 1500 people, and it is one of the largest employers among the IT companies of the city. The new office enhances further development prospects for Sabre in Poland. “The Tischnera Office provides the best working conditions for our team of experts, and its modern environment is conducive to the development and the creation of innovation” – said Sebastian Drzewiecki, Managing Director of Sabre Polska. “This new high-tech venue not only provides us the best work conditions available, but also offers Sabre enormous opportunities for growth”. Apart from being one of the largest office buildings in Krakow (nearly 34000 square meters), the Tischnera Office is also one of the greenest facilities in the city, with its terraces and patio covering about 2600 square meters. This building gained the awards “Property Prize 2019“ and “Poland’s Investment of the year 2019”. The Tischnera Office, one of the flagship projects of Cavatina Holding, has a unique architecture and offers an unprecedented number of green areas. – The concluded agreement with Sabre Polska is for us an expression of great trust and confirms the stable position of Cavatina Holding on the local real estate market – said Daniel Draga, Member of the Cavatina Holding’s Board.