Magdalena Gondek serves as the Director Program Management at Sabre Poland. In the second episode of My Sabre Polska Experience, Magdalena shares her experiences of working for over 8 years with the company.

My adventure with project management started very unexpectedly over 15 years ago, when I applied for a completely different position in a small polish IT company. I wanted to pursue my administrative career but during the interview I was offered a position of a project manager and I agreed right away. Then I got back home and started googling for “what is project management” as I knew nothing about it. I received a very aggressive training and stayed for almost 6 years with the company. Then I decided to spread my wings to international markets and applied for a project manager’s position at Sabre. This time I had to google for travel industry specific knowledge and it looks like I did it and am doing it successfully as I am with Sabre for over 8 years now and feel great where I am. Sabre allows me to grow and this is not an empty, marketing phrase – I started on the contributor level and managed to become Director of Program Management within a couple a years. Every team I’ve been working with, every manager and mentor I met at Sabre, helped me expand my horizons, extend my knowledge and experience more than I ever expected. I fell in love with the positive atmosphere, which together with the open-minded, creative and ambitious people makes Sabre the best place to work.