There is never enough encouragement for women to start a career in IT. That is why Sabre employees – Anna, Monika and Pawel have become a part of an event organized by Women in Technology & Mum, Work in IT #MamoPracujwIT). It is a series of trainings during which women can prove themselves in different areas of IT. The aim of the workshops is to inspire participants by showing them development paths, possibilities of requalifying, ways of extending their knowledge, and other opportunities waiting for them in technology business. They can learn about designing user-friendly applications, searching bugs hidden in the code and creating their own code, becoming a programmer. On day one, called “Let’s test!” Paweł Kopyść our UX Designer and Strategy Consultant, will introduce the mysterious world of designing and Monika Braun, who works in QA team, will present the basic theoretical knowledge and the practical aspects of testing. The next day named “Let’s code!” will be all about programming. “Introduction to java script” will be conducted by Anna Szwiec, software developer at Sabre. Also on Saturday our HR Manager Marzena Arszyńska and Natalia Jasińska from HR will join the event to talk about the offer Sabre have for working mothers. The idea of the workshop is to show diverse opportunities in IT and to encourage women to explore them. Those trainings will not replace long hours of professional courses or studies and of course practice, but maybe they will show women that there is a place for them in this business.