May & June were in Sabre Polska the months of helping others! As part of the Give Time Together campaign, we organized a lot of actions that had one common goal – with our work and direct involvement we were helping those in need.

18 coordinators organized 16 different actions with the support of 233 volunteers.

In this year we organized:

  • collection of items for Dzieło Pomocy św. O. Pio,
  • work in the storehouse at Kokotów,
  • gardening in Glichów,
  • maintanance work for Kindergarden no 100,
  • gardening works in Kindergarden no 94 in Nowa Huta,
  • painting classroom for kids in school located in ZSM no 2,
  • workshops for kids,
  • athletic mityng for Babinski Hospital patients,
  • gardening works in Bona Fide Fundation,
  • cleaning Gorce Mountains,
  • Android application for disabled kids helping them to communicate,
  • pet food and toys collection,
  • repainting the cat shelter space in Zelczyna,
  • gardening, painting  and cleanup works in Harbutowice shelter,
  • Blood Drive.

21 people took part in Blood Drive and collected 44 pieces of chocolates for Jan Brzechwa Chidren’s Home. We collected 254.4 kilograms of pet food. 105 kg for Harbutowice shelter, 71 kg for Stawiamy na Łapy Fundation and 69.4 kg for Judyta Fundation.

Special thanks go to GTT coordinators: Mariola Bigos, Judyta Barczyk, Moniak Bąk, Basia Daniel, Michał Dyrda, Ania Fernendes, Tomek Filip, Maciek Krasiński, Ania Kwaśny, Kasia Łypik, Mirek Mika, Marian Mróz, Renata Musiał, Krzysztof Spytkowski, Marcin Stojanowski, Kasia Rybak, Gosia Topór and Ela Żołnierczyk.