Technology Team Leads Sabre Red 360 Sunrise; 10x improvement in search results

Sabre successfully completed the sunset of Sabre Red Workspace 2.0 and the migration of 200k+ customers to the new Sabre Red 360. The collocated technology team in Krakow worked to help to make take this 3-year project over the finish line. Partnering closely with the global product, account, program and support teams the Poland technology team added value through new features that enhanced customers’ experiences.


Sabre Red 360 offers an intuitive user experience with data-driven analytics that helps the travel consultant make the best choices. This solution replaces the previously used Sabre Red Workspace 2.0.


The task of the team was to complete the 3-year project of sunsetting the Sabre Red Workspace 2.0. The challenge was to transfer existing customers (200k+ people!) to the new platform. On the course to making that happen SR360 technology team has been working closely with product, account, program and support teams to deliver a number of features adding value for customers, adding new content, and the same time sunsetting Sabre Red Workspace 2.0 capabilities.


Different by design, Sabre Red 360 is built on APIs from the Sabre platform. Here are a few examples of improvements made:

  • Air Shopping offers 250 results in a single response – that’s over 10 times more than before
  • Throughout the workflow, the travel consultant will find opportunities to sell add-ons, like Air Extras, Branded Fares, and Car Extras
  • Personalized content through New Distribution Capability (NDC) APIs will take Air Shopping to the next level
  • With Content Services for Lodging, travel consultants can explore traditional hotelier content alongside available rooms from online travel agencies and choose from more than one million properties around the globe
  • Selling experience improved with a shopping cart feature that allows to create and save branded travel proposals and convert them into booking with a single click

While the travel industry continues to battle the impact of the pandemic, we are confident of the possibilities that Sabre Red 360 offers our customers.

Leader says

I’m very proud of the team’s contribution and would like to congratulate each member of the Sabre Red 360 family for achieving such resounding success! All through I have seen immense passion, accountability, hard work and frequent as well as direct engagement with the customer. Moreover, the efficiency of this collocated, technology team is outstanding. The Sabre Red team has demonstrated how to successfully drive even the most challenging effort in a seamless manner – Tomasz Przybylik, Vice President, Software Engineering, said.