Once again, Sabre joined the Jagiellonian University at the IT Academic Day. The IT Academic Days is a series of IT conferences all around Poland organized by students and Microsoft. Right from the morning of the 18th of October, our Sabre stand was ready for hundreds of IT students with puzzle competitions, and most of all with our recruiters who talked a lot about the internships at Sabre. In the afternoon our Scrum Master expert and recent graduate of the Jagiellonian University, Katarzyna Czekaj, presented an interesting session about the Extreme Agile Programming for around 200 students from different universities and schools. The Sabre team would like to thank all the students, the organizers and the participants, for the vibrant atmosphere at the event. Special thank you goes from Magdalena Krakowska to Katarzyna Jaglo, Lukasz Kizinkiewicz, Agata Rodasik and Katarzyna Czekaj for helping to organize the event, and keeping up the good energy throughout this very long day. Watch this short video to see how the IT Academic looked like:
Sabre Itad, academy days

Sabre at ITAD