On Sunday (September 3, 2023), Krakow’s streets came alive with the Poland Business Run. 1800 teams across Poland raced with a common purpose: supporting those with locomotor disabilities. Among this number, some of  Sabre Polska’s teams stood out with impressive results.

This was already the 12th edition of the competition, which every year motivates runners to put on athletic shoes and integrate with their colleagues for a worthy cause. Among 1800 teams across Poland, 21 represented Sabre Polska (five runners in each team – 105 team members in total).

Some of our teams noticed impressive results. Sabre Run Force One team, featuring Maksymilian Piasecki, Tomasz Korlatowicz, Radosław Kasperowicz, Michal Mlynek and Tomasz Szkodziński, achieved 7th place with an astonishing total time of 01:04:04! Sabre Run Force Two, with Pawel Bulka, Szymon Sadowski, Michał Gandor, Rafał Sikora and Emanuel Czaja, clinched the 11th spot with an impressive 01:09:01.

This competition was not just about pushing physical limits or winning a race. The core of this event was about solidarity, empathy, and making a difference in the lives of those who have faced significant physical challenges. Thanks to everyone who raced for a good cause. We are proud of the team members who represented our company in such a noble initiative. See you next year!