This year’s report “Responsible business in Poland. Good practices” includes 1190 good business practices in the field of social responsibility and sustainable development. It’s more than 300 practices more than in last year and another record in the 16-year history of the publication. Corporate social responsibility has been developing intensively in Poland for several years. Behind this lies not only fashion, but also bottom-up initiatives of the employees themselves and the willingness to help others.

This year’s report of the Responsible Business Forum includes three Sabre CSR initiatives:

Give Together

  • 29 individual actions
  • 25 beneficiaries
  • 80 000 PLN raised

Senior Day

  • 42 parents and grandparents in the Sabre office
  • lectures on network security
  • presentation of the company’s activity

Eco Team

  • ecological education
  • workshops
  • bike service

Companies are involved in CSR activities, because the employees themselves expect it. For people who work all day, it is often the only opportunity to realize the need to help others. Therefore our activities are 100% bottom-up initiatives. Such projects should be developed and promoted, because companies have organizational resources that make it easier to help. In CSR, regularity is also very important. We have been operating for many years, thanks to which charity foundations know that they can count on us – says Magdalena Walas, manager of the Sabre office in Kraków, who has been involved in Give Together for 8 years.

The publication is available online at the website: