The reason for booking a trip usually informs how many people will be involved. Corporate travel often includes one adult, while leisure trips typically involve multiple adults, or families with young children in tow. Sabre’s NDC capabilities can now support both types of travel more robustly. In addition to single adults, we now support NDC offers from the Avianca GroupAeromexicoFinnair and United Airlines that include multiple adults, children, infants, youth passengers and seniors, among others.

Sabre-connected travel agencies can shop, book and service NDC content from these airlines that includes this expanded array of passenger types. When plans change, we understand that servicing capabilities are critical to keep travelers – and your operations – moving efficiently. To that end, our multi-passenger workflows support cancelling, voiding, and refunding NDC orders.

If you are already shopping and booking NDC content from these airlines — which include Avianca, Avianca Costa Rica, Avianca Ecuador and Avianca El Salvador — through the Sabre marketplace, you’ll automatically have access to the new multi-passenger capabilities.

As other NDC airlines activate multi-passenger capabilities, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Get started with NDC

Currently, 15 airlines distribute their NDC offers through the Sabre marketplace. To add NDC offers to your content mix, visit Sabre Central Marketplace and follow each airline’s activation instructions.

If you’re a GetThere customer, please contact your GetThere representative to discuss how to turn on NDC in your GetThere instance.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Sabre NDC airline IT offering, please contact your Sabre account representative.