On Thursday (September 22) Sabre Poland held the 6th edition of the Talk’N’Roll conference. Great speakers shared their knowledge and experience on technology, trends, and psychology – in terms of many things that have changed since 2020. 

After two years of unplanned break, Talk’N’Roll is back! One of the flagship Sabre Poland events brought an amazing atmosphere, fantastic energy, and great speeches provided by our guests. 

The theme of the 6th edition of the conference was “Expect the unexpected” because many things have changed since 2020 and influenced our life, future, and habits in the long term. During the event invited speakers talked about technology, trends, psychology, and passions in the context of the main theme. 

Among many great speakers, we had the pleasure to hear inspiring stories shared by Jerzy Stuhr, one of the most outstanding and popular Polish actors. Daria Abramowicz, a Polish sports psychologist supporting Iga Świątek, presented ways and practices on how to build a healthy and well-balanced professional career. 

Among the speakers, there were also Sabre Poland team members – Anna Stach, Grzegorz Surma, Magdalena Gondek, and Wojciech Jamka – who also presented interesting topics and their perspectives on many aspects of our life. 

We want to change the stereotype of an IT specialist hidden behind the screens. We want to inspire to create interesting and ambitious projects and expand the horizons of passionate people. I think that we achieved all these goals this year. I would like to thank a lot for our amazing team engaged in the preparation of this unforgettable conference – said Michal Winkler, Senior Director Software Engineering at Sabre Poland and leader of the Talk’N’Roll Team. 

HERE you can look up more photos from the event.

Here is a list of all speeches that you can watch on YouTube:

Anna Stach – “The power of minimalism” [EN]

Jan Biela-Abreu – “Learning from an unexpected domain project – my way with Lego Masters” [EN]

Wojciech Jamka – “Predict the Unpredicted” [EN]

Grzegorz Surma – “Do you feel trapped in corporate Matrix” [EN]

Anna Lichnerowicz – “Empathy – your superpower” [PL]

Jerzy Stuhr “Meeting the unknown!” [PL]

Daria Abramowicz “The mastery is born in the head” [PL]

Maciej Antonik – “Is the next Robotic Revolution now?” [EN]

Magdalena Petryniak – “The curse of knowledge and how to lift it” [EN]

Krzysztof Wróblewski & Grzegorz Sikora – “Accessible Technology for People with Limitations” [EN]

Oktawiusz Kacza – “Photography is (not) dead! Watching the invisible…” [EN]

Magdalena Gondek – “Go with the flow! A personal perspective on why you should start welcoming changes in your life” [EN]