Sabre awarded for good practices in the areas of: “Human Rights” and “Labor practices” in the report “Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices.”

Responsible Business Forum is an association that promotes important values, such as: courage, consistency, knowledge, cooperation, and at the same time responsible business practices. In its daily activities, it cooperates with various communities, organizes events, and publishes annual reports “Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices.” These publications describe the activities of companies in the field of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and thus constitute the largest review of business in Poland, presenting the implementation of socially responsible initiatives.

Sabre Poland was recognized in this year’s report for one practice in the area of “Human Rights” and three in the area of “Labor Practices.”

Diversity and Inclusion Day – Human Rights area

In 2021, Sabre Poland, including the main organizer of the initiative – our “Women in Technology” community – planned and executed a “Diversity and Inclusion Day” with lectures, interviews and stories from people representing different cultures and backgrounds. “The focus was on inclusion, understanding, increasing innovation, and creating a safe and welcoming environment to thrive.” – as the report reads. “The Diversity and Inclusion Day included two webinar meetings, a panel discussion, an Oxford debate and a quiz. The organization demonstrated the importance of initiatives to raise awareness and openness to people from different cultures and backgrounds.

Give Together – Labor Practices area

In 2021 Sabre Poland conducted two editions of the “Give Together” program.
These were foundrising and charity actions, during which the company’s employees contributed to charitable and/or environmental organizations. The income from their actions was donated to the needy – wards of these institutions. The “Give Together” program concerns various initiatives publicized by a coordinator who at the same time collects ideas for actions from those interested. Each employee can take part in various auctions, workshops and trainings as they have four extra days off work a year to devote to charity. The organization has shown sensitivity to the plight of those in poverty and has taken initiatives to improve the climate situation.

Comprehensive well-being program – Labor Practices area

In 2021 Sabre Poland introduced a comprehensive well-being program. It included webinars, workshops, sports events related to the mental and physical health of employees. There were sessions with a nutritionist, psychologist, physiotherapist, as well as chats with the opportunity to anonymously ask questions. Sabre employees also participated in sports events organized or sponsored by the company. Thus: thanks to the Burn Along application, they competed in group sports activities, and the company promoted cycling, once again participating in the “Bike to Work” programme of the Cracow magistrate. The organization showed special care for the psycho-physical health of its employees.

Collaboration with Headspace – Workplace Practices area

In 2021, Sabre Poland has partnered with Headspace, a leader in mindfulness and well-being. Thus, it provided employees with free access to a mindfulness app that helps to deal with health, stress, exercise mindfully, and stay focused. The company also offers access to the aforementioned BurnAlong app, providing free theoretical and practical training by certified instructors. Sabre employees can take advantage of traditional fitness classes, yoga and training on nutrition. With these actions, Sabre confirms its interest in the well-being of its employees and the well-being of their families.

Full text of the report in Polish is available at the following link: