Sabre Corporation has announced a strategic plan during its first-quarter earnings call, signaling its determination to adapt and thrive in a challenging global market. The company aims to reposition its business for long-term profitability by seizing new revenue opportunities, nurturing its core operations, and implementing cost-saving measures.

The technology sector and employment levels have faced significant impacts in recent times due to the global market situation. Sabre acknowledges the need for adjustments within the IT market, influenced by factors such as the economic downturn, rising inflation, geopolitical tensions, the lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and energy-related challenges. These factors have prompted job cuts across businesses of all sizes, including both small companies and industry giants, over the past few quarters.

Recognizing the prevailing conditions, Sabre has taken decisive action by unveiling a strategic plan that focuses on optimizing its business operations. By embracing new revenue opportunities and enhancing its core offerings, Sabre aims to ensure long-term growth and success in a rapidly changing marketplace.

In response to these circumstances, Sabre Corporation has made the decision to reduce its global workforce by 15%. As a provider of technology and software solutions for the travel industry, the company has determined that optimizing its staffing structure across all 55 branches worldwide is crucial. With nearly 7,500 employees at the end of 2022, approximately 1,100 employees across all company locations have been impacted by the layoffs. These personnel changes are projected to generate savings of $100 million in the second half of 2023.

Sabre remains committed to investing in strategic growth. This includes a continued focus on technology development and plans for expansion into new market segments and geographic regions. The company aims to expand its technology offerings for both existing and new clients, and it has recently bolstered its payment services through the acquisition of Conferma Pay and a partnership with Mastercard.

Changes at Sabre Poland

Aligning with the strategy of Sabre Corporation, the Polish branch of the company has implemented a 7.5% reduction in staffing. This workforce adjustment affects employees across all levels and areas, although the impact on tech professionals has been smaller. Sabre Poland’s status as a vital technology center within the company remains unchanged.

“The decision to restructure was a challenging one, but it was necessary to support Sabre’s long-term growth through the continued investment in our technology transformation and strategic priorities. The recovery of the travel sector following the pandemic is an uncertain and gradual process beyond our control. Our approach is to adapt and respond accordingly.” – explains Wojciech Gworek, President of the Board of Sabre Poland and VP of Software Engineering. 

Sabre Poland has introduced a wide package of benefits for those affected by the restructuring, including a severance that exceeds the amount required by regulations on collective redundancies.

“We are making every effort to provide comprehensive support to the team members impacted by these changes. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and secure transition by offering a severance package and additional benefits that go beyond the legal requirements. We hope that these measures will enable them to adapt to the new circumstances successfully,” adds Gworek.

Since its establishment in 2000, Sabre Poland has played a pivotal role as a key technology center within Sabre Corporation. Responsible for the design and development of products and software supporting the global travel industry, the Polish branch consistently ranks among the leading IT employers in the region and Poland. The Polish market holds a special priority value for the Sabre Corporation, recognizing the significant contributions and achievements of Sabre’s Polish branch.