The Running Club is one of Sabre Poland’s most active and dynamic groups. With nearly 100 enthusiasts sharing the same passion for running, the club unites throughout the year, participating jointly in the major running events in Krakow, often for charitable causes. And together, they cover tens of thousands kilometres each year!

Strengthening connections through the spirit of sports

Sabre proudly supports the passion of its employees and the various interest clubs within the company – and that includes our Running Club. For several years, the company has been backing the group’s activities, sponsoring individual members, covering entry fees for running events, and supporting local running initiatives.

–  One of the major successes of our club is the significant turnout at running events, providing an ideal opportunity to cultivate friendships and boost team spirit – says Marcin Kotas, Manager Solution Architecture at Sabre. –  However, the most important aspect is that we’re not solely a team bonded by our passion for running. We’re primarily a community that deeply values achieving the goals together, supporting, and inspiring each other.

Summary of 2023

Just this year, our runners proudly represented Sabre in Three Mound’s Run, Cracovia Royal Half Marathon and Krakow Independence Run. The latter was associated with a charitable cause, supporting pediatric cardiothoracic surgery in Krakow.

– We’re usually one of the largest groups at every running event in Krakow. During the Independence Run, there were 22 of us.  What’s more interesting is that we ran over 240 km in support of a good cause, says Marcin Kotas. – Our next objective is the Krakow New Year’s Run. We’re hoping for a significant turnout of both participants and supporters.