Hanna Baran serves as the Principal Technical Product Manager at Sabre Poland. In the third episode of My Sabre Polska Experience, Hanna shares her experiences of working for over 15 years with the company.

My Sabre journey started 15 years ago so I could be called Sabre Polska dinosaur!

However, I still don’t think about my job in the terms of exhaustion and boredom as I would expect after spending such a long time in one company on the “same position”. It’s still an amazing journey. 

The secret of it lies in 3 things that I really appreciate. The most important one is the company culture which creates a great space to work based on trust, acceptance and respect. The second one is the constant learning process in my position. And finally, fantastic people I met and worked with along this journey. 

At the beginning of my career in Sabre I was asked what I want to do in five years in my professional life. My answer was I want to learn and grow in my current role – Business Analyst. It was commented that I’m not ambitious at all. I really disagree with that even now while I’m still on the same position. 

Since then, I learned lots of things, gained an expertise in many areas, ways of communication, met so many professionals and challenged myself many times by changing the teams and domains within Sabre. I went through many teams in Sabre, starting with Air Connectivity, CSI, Intellisell but at the end I can say that it was my way to the current team which I’m with for 5 years already – Sabre Red 360.

In this team I finally feel that all the business knowledge, communication, and technical skills I gained through all these years are properly leveraged. What more I can still learn and embrace new areas, and this is what brings satisfaction to me. I know I’m in the right place but…

If one day I wake up and feel like needing a change, I know where to take my steps towards and discover another Sabre’s spaces.