There are dozens of technology providers to choose from, which often makes the process of finding the right partner drawn out and difficult — especially when trying to identify a partner that can support your near-term goals and help you maximize value well into the future. Complicating the situation even more, the travel industry is continuously evolving with emerging technologies and market disruptions — forcing constant transformation. Solutions that answer today’s needs may not support tomorrow’s requirements. You need to feel confident that your technology partner not only has the capabilities to support your needs today but has expertise and market leadership to fuel travel innovation that places you in a position of advantage in the years ahead. But several questions come to mind when evaluating them. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be sharing the top four considerations to bear in mind when choosing a technology partner, beginning with: #1 – Industry expertise and strategy for leading the travel technology evolution Although this may seem basic, it’s important to identify travel technology partners serving travel providers around the world in every form: from air to lodging, ground and sea travel. They should have in place enterprise-wide systems and automated customization that enables travelers to plan, shop and book within corporate travel policy guidelines and with your preferred travel partners. As the demand for personalization and streamlined processes rises, the technology partners you’re considering should have the proven capabilities to help you achieve the right balance of individualization and travel spend management. As the travel industry evolves, you need travel technology partners not only building solutions that solve corporate travel challenges today but are also focused on delivering next-generation solutions that evolve travel management and the travel experience of tomorrow. Next week, we’ll cover Part 2 — considering a technology partner that understands your business, has extensive strategic partnerships in the travel ecosystem, and is committed to your success. –
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