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Sabre’s ‘Hyperjump’ to Build Next Generation of Leaders

In this article, Rency Mathew, Global People Leader APAC, Sabre, shares an inside look at the culture and initiatives that make Sabre a breeding ground for innovation and employee satisfaction.

The travel sector, characterised by its intensive demand for accuracy, speed, and personalisation, presents complex challenges that require innovative solutions. Companies like ours have not only observed the changes in the sector but have actively contributed to the industry’s progress. From pioneering the first computerised airline reservation system in 1960 to leading in today’s digital travel era, our journey reflects the industry’s ongoing march towards more advanced and user-centric solutions.

As Global People Leader APAC, I’ve observed firsthand how the complexities of travel demand solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also intuitively human. This understanding is central to our approach, where we consider our team members as the architects of innovation, addressing and anticipating the intricate needs of today’s travellers.​ 

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This article written by Rency Mathew appeared on All Things Talent.