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How can Managers Manage their Teams better in a Hybrid Environment?

There is no doubt that the future of work will look quite different from the way things are today, however, hybrid work is here to stay. The modern workplace is gradually building up to this reality, leveraging all the latest digital tools and technologies at its disposal.

A hybrid work environment or work structure gives team members flexibility in deciding whether they would like to work in an office or work remote. Companies have realized that a Hybrid work structure allows team members to work where they feel the most productive, reduce their commute time, gives them improved work/life balance, and reduces stress levels. This model allows companies to attract top talent from anywhere and companies save on commercial real estate costs, also reducing its carbon footprint.

Hybrid workplace also presents a few challenges for managers and the need to create practices that ensure team members in the office are in sync with those working remote and build fairness and flexibility into the workflow.

Irrespective of whether one is an experienced manager or newly minted one, there’s always room for improvement. Managers must adapt their management style to suit the needs of the hybrid work environment. Below are four powerful ways to better manage a hybrid work environment.

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This story featuring Rency Mathew was published on CEO Insights