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Sabre technology powers one of the world’s largest industries – travel and tourism. Our systems work 24 hours a day, every day, processing more than 60,000 transactions a second at peak demand. Over the years, we have transformed and modernized the travel industry, with a history of “firsts” that paved the way for online travel agencies, corporate booking tools, revenue management, and web and mobile itinerary tools, to name a few.

And we’re still blazing a trail by investing hundreds of millions of dollars each year in research and development to create the next generation of e-commerce and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for travel agencies, corporations, travelers, airlines, hotels, car, rail, cruise and tour operator companies.

Our Bengaluru Global Capability Center is where the action happens – almost every flight that takes off around the world has been touched by Sabre in some way; more than 60 percent of all travelers globally have had their travel facilitated by Sabre, and some of the world’s largest hotel chains use our Sabre system.  We are fortunate to have the resources of a large company paired with the exciting culture of a startup. We offer casual work environments, employee amenities, flexible work arrangements, exceptional learning opportunities and Agile transformation practices based on lean startup thinking. We employ the smartest minds in technology to by intelligent team members, who you will be proud to call your peers.

At our Bengaluru Capability Center, we build products for our global clients across the three business units – Sabre Airline Solutions, Sabre Travel Network, and Sabre Hospitality Solutions. The center has been instrumental in developing software solutions that have driven the future of global travel marketplace across airlines, airports, hotels, car rental outlets, railways and cruise lines, tour operators, travel agencies, travel management companies, and corporate travel departments.

And while technology is at our core, we also hire the best in all of the disciplines it takes to run a highly-respected company, from marketing and customer service to finance and human resources. We encourage a balanced lifestyle, personal wellness and community involvement. We believe that a balanced life fuels greater innovation, which then powers the world-leading travel solutions for which Sabre is known.

We are always looking for driven people who have a passion for technology and want to hone their skills. If you are interested in challenging work, being part of a global team, and solving complex problems through technology, business intelligence and analytics, and Agile practices – then Sabre is right for you! Write to us at joinusblr@sabre.com

It is our people who develop and deliver powerful solutions that meet the current and future needs for our airline, hotel, cruise and travel agency customers.

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