Video: NDC roadmap highlights with Kathy Morgan

2022 is a very exciting year for Beyond NDC!

We think about progress in this area across three key dimensions. One is around airline integrations the second is around market expansion and the third is around product capabilities.

On the airline integration front, we are in active engagement projects with many airlines. We just completed pilots with three airlines this year already, and we expect to launch those imminently.

And we have pilots scheduled with eight additional airlines in the coming months, so we expect to see a robust availability of NDC source content in the Sabre GDS by the end of this year.

On the market expense expansion front, we are making impressive progress here as well. We are currently capable of selling NDC content in over 50 countries and that number will continue to grow as we bring on more airlines with different geographic focus for their NDC programs. We’ll add those countries as they as they become relevant.

And then lastly, on the product capability, is a really, really exciting year for our roadmap: we will release our first set of voluntary exchange capabilities. For some airlines, this is a huge milestone in the program and has been a blocker for broad TMC adoption.

We will also introduce the ability to support multiple adult passengers, opening up the NDC adoption to our leisure agencies.

Certainly, we know there’s still a lot of work to do but really great progress this year!