Managing unused tickets is probably not the most exciting part of your job. But with new enhancements to our Unused E-ticket Report, the task is much simpler and more efficient.

Now, you can access unused electronic ticket data just five days beyond the last date of travel on the coupon. The availability of the data has been expanded from 7 to 100 days.

In addition, we made it easier to search and view the data. You can now sort and display by carrier, specific date or date range, or you can combine the options to include both carrier and date range queries.

We’ve also integrated the reports through Automated QC and Ticketing, which significantly extends the capabilities to track and apply unused tickets. Through Automated QC and Ticketing, you’ll receive unlimited data retention, additional relevant details such as fare paid and city-pair info, plus automatic proactive checks against the database to identify unused ticket matches for possible exchange prior to ticketing.

Unused E-ticket Report is easy to use and easy to activate. And with these enhancements, it becomes an even more valuable tool in helping you streamline your management of unused electronic tickets.

Pricing and Special Offers

This feature can be accessed via the Sabre GDS.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy-to-use and interactive feature
  • Automatic alerting on Sabre Red 360 that informs agents of the availability of an Unused E-ticket thereby further improving their efficiency
  • Displays relevant and appropriate information to the agent on desktop arming them with information to make a better, more informed buying decision for their travelers
  • Highly intuitive user interface that streamlines the workflow and eliminates the need for training


  • Ability to alert an agent on desktop when an Unused E-ticket is available. This match is based on the passenger name, DK number, and carrier code
  • Ability to automatically trigger the alert during the storing of the fare using PQ based on a successful match
  • Ability to automatically trigger the alert using combined pricing WP and store fare entry with RQ qualifier based on a successful match
  • Ability to see the details of the Unused E-ticket on the right side of the emulator once the agent clicks on the alert or types in UET*
  • Ability to see WETR response in the Classic View when the agent chooses to see ticket details from the Unused E-ticket alert list window

Additional Information


To activate, visit the Format Finder help system and type in UNUSED ET. If you’re interested in the additional capabilities that Automated QC and Ticketing provides, visit Sabre Central.


Users of Automated QC and Ticketing should have a good working knowledge of the Sabre global distribution system formats. We also offer training tools and resources at our Sabre Central customer portal.

Access and Availability

Sabre Connected agents can activate by visiting the Finder help system. Search UNUSED ET.

If you have additional questions or to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.