Electronic Ticketing replaces paper tickets, which aligns with IATA industry standards. VCR information can be shared between the airline and their interline partners, ground handlers, and GDSs. All transactions are tracked, and various reports are available online and offline to reflect flown, sales, agent overrides, interline, and agency exchange/refund activities.

Complementary products

Ticketing is more powerful with Digital Workspace, Pricing, Check-in, Inventory and Ancillary Services.

Life of the flight

Ticketing is beneficial in the area of distribution and channel optimization.

Electronic tickets, also known as Virtual Coupon Records (VCRs), may be used, refunded, exchanged, or voided. VCRs are retained in the active database until seven (7) days after the last flight segment is in final status or up to three hundred and ninety-six (396) days after the date of the first segment, after which they are moved to a historical database for up to thirteen (13) months. Itineraries with up to sixteen (16) segments can be fulfilled.

Original issue and exchanged VCRs can support fare amounts of up to 11 digits (10 with a decimal placement and 11 without) with a system maximum amount of 2147483647.

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