Navigate through Real-Time Offers from Major Cruise and River Lines

Cruise and river line travel continues to grow in popularity around the world. Passengers love the glamour and excitement of sailing to various ports of call.

To capitalize on the market, agencies must be able to offer worldwide cruise options to a demanding and specialized leisure traveler community. Along the way, they need to share visual content and information with their travelers in a compelling, brochure-like format.

Immerse Cruise Passengers in Unforgettable Experiences

The Cruise product enables agencies to shop, book and service cruise and river travel on a real-time basis. Agents can check availability, rates and agency-specific pricing while presenting travelers with striking imagery, including destinations, ship displays, cabin views, deck plans and dining arrangements.

Cruise and river lines can promote their content to a worldwide agency community, highlighting and differentiating their distinctive offerings, amenities and additional services.

Product features

Rich content

Enhance the sales process with visual ship details and itineraries. Access the same rates as operators’ websites and direct channels from the 20 largest cruise and river lines.

Intuitive workflow

Increase efficiency and customer servicing by seamlessly toggling between shopping and booking screens without starting a new search each time.

Comparison and booking management

Match rate codes side by side to secure the best deal. Modify and manage bookings between locations, offer pricing in local currencies and integrate additional packages.

Simple and comprehensive assistant

Access cruise and river lines inventory at any time and view complete product content, including fares, commissions, negotiated rates and travel information.

Increase earnings and provide the best deal

Sell higher commission cruises, upsell cabin classes or offer pre- or post-sailing packages while offering the best deals for every type of traveler.

Enabling Agencies to Deliver a Bon Voyage

Cruise empowers agencies to shop 20 of the largest cruise and river lines worldwide representing 90% of the CLIA cruise cabin capacity. With 60% of cruise itineraries booked through travel consultants, it’s an outstanding opportunity to book high-value trips that end with satisfied customers.

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