Slot Manager is used by more than 70 of the world’s leading airlines to manage all phases of the slot-management process in accordance with IATA procedures and formats.

Slot Manager comes in a version designed specifically for airlines to manage their slots at DCA, JFK and LGA airports according to the strict U.S. DOT/FAA rules and procedures for North America-based airlines. The solution enables airlines competing for access at these congested airports to get the best utilization of their slot portfolios as their schedules change frequently.

Product value

Slots at peak times at the world’s most congested airports are worth millions of dollars. Airlines use Slot Manager to get the best value from their slot portfolio via automation for preventing fines for flights without correct slot clearances and preventing wasting/losing slots due to insufficient usage.

Complementary products

Slot Manager is more powerful with Schedule Manager and Movement Manager.

Life of the flight

Slot Manager is beneficial in the areas of schedule optimization, day of operations and performance analysis.



AutoSlot automates sending slot requests to coordinators when operations controllers cancel flights, add flights or change flight schedules. The capability includes the Automated Message Handler, which automatically processes most slot messages from coordinators. It also helps airlines avoid penalties by ensuring the appropriate slot requests are automatically transmitted when operations make schedule changes and operations controllers are too busy to type and transmit requests manually.

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