Sabre Vacations is the ultimate one-stop shop offering 90% of all available packages from operators in Canada. Access and sell high-commission tours for hundreds of destinations in the U.S., Mexico, the Caribbean and Europe. Find the right bundle based on your customers’ requirements, check hotels descriptions and pictures from the tour operator brochures and be sure you are providing the best customer service.

Sabre Vacations features a point-and-click interface that gives you the flexibility to easily shop across multiple tour operators and destinations at the same time. Book vacation packages quickly and easily from top vacation suppliers 24/7. Avoid having to waste valuable time on hold with tour operators.

With Sabre Vacations, you get the same features, functionality, and high-commission packages offered by Softvoyage SIREV in Canada. You also have access to the special price alerts, enabling you to easily find great consumer deals during the shopping process.

Building your leisure business has never been easier or better.

With Sabre Vacations, you benefit from the following:

  • Search across multiple destinations and tour operators in one search request, makes it easy to compare packages and prices
  • Search by date range plus alternate dates, resort location, property name, hotel facilities, or package price limits
  • Access package descriptions, detailed hotel descriptions, and hotel pictures from the tour operator’s electronic brochures
  • Send e-mail alerts when prices reach a pre-specified price point
  • Manage reservations: edit or cancel bookings, view or apply payment, print booking details, enter remarks and book options such as ground transport and activities
  • Receive immediate price confirmation and availability because all bookings are made within the tour operator’s system
  • Earn commissions on the value of the entire package, including air
  • Shop and book ITC and FIT packages from nearly 12 top tour operators, representing over 90% of the pre-packaged tour operators in Canada
  • Create Sabre PNR with booking and payment details automatically, all integrated with your back-office accounting system
  • Earn Sabre productivity credits for every traveled booking

Access and Availability

Sabre Vacations can be accessed through Sabre Red 360 or by logging into Sabre Central. Travel agents can also access the tool at Once registered, you can begin booking vacations in as little as two business days.

If you have additional questions or to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.