Proration Engine provides a standalone product that airlines can adopt using a flexible offering. Data services and the analytics GUI can now be purchased separately from the engine, meaning airlines can finetune how/when they deploy their Commercial Analytics solution – be it modularly or as a bundle.

Product value

Proration Engine provides the airline’s commercial department with instantaneous, accurate revenue breakdown for enhanced clarity and understanding of performance. This enables setting more accurate, achievable KPIs and targets, and helps the CCO to make profit-boosting commercial decisions in both the long and short term. Airlines can also use this prorated ticket data to both drive BI analytics and enrich their revenue management, improve network planning, loyalty and revenue integrity solutions, and reduce the void often found between revenue accounting and management systems.

Complementary products

Proration Engine is more powerful with Commercial Analytics, Revenue Optimizer and Sabre Intelligence Exchange® (IX).

Life of the flight

Proration Engine is beneficial in the areas of revenue accounting and revenue management, network planning and operations, schedule optimization, product and pricing, interline and codeshare analysis, loyalty, and performance analysis.

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