Product value

PRISM Sales Information System enables airlines to compute contracted discounts, market share, percent of contract requirements achieved, and profit derived from contracted customers. The product’s forecasting function allows the sales organization to model changes to contracts to optimize these measures. By tracking and analyzing discount programs across a wide range of customers with different travel patterns and holding corporations accountable to performance requirements, airlines optimize revenue from their most important corporate customers and drive commensurate profit increases.

Add-on modules allow airlines to file and update contracted fares with ATPCO to allow customers more immediate access to their contracted rates and to improve accuracy. An additional analytics module is available for expert users to dive deeper into the data to create on-demand reports for greater insights.

Complementary product

PRISM Sales Information System is more powerful with Fares Manager.

Life of the flight

PRISM Sales Information System is beneficial for performance analysis in the areas of offer management and distribution.

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