We know the post-booking process isn’t fun. It’s long, complicated and costly. Why not let automation tools take care of everything, such as queue management, schedule changes, and missed ticket tracking? Free yourself and let robotic applications manage all these manual, time-consuming activities. It all happens behind the scenes, saving you time and money from debit memos and payouts.

What’s in it for you?

  • Be more efficient by letting automated robots manage manual activities like schedule and queue management.
  • Save money by reducing payouts and scan hits by 88%
  • Set up quickly and easily with cloud-based installation that is completely configured, monitored and supported by Sabre

How will you stand out?

  • Rely on intelligent Sabre tools to complete your repetitive tasks and manual activities
  • Save money with applications that search for lower ticket prices

How it works for you

Sabre hosts these tools so you don’t have to worry about massive setup and installation costs. Let us take the headache out of these manual processes and get you back to what you do best: providing outstanding customer service for your travelers.

Schedule Change Processor tracks schedule changes and sends email notifications to the passenger. The tool identifies different levels of schedule changes, including flight number changes and simple depart/arrival time changes. For flight number changes, the process automates the re-validation or even exchange of the e-ticket record from a schedule change to reflect the new flight schedule.

Following the successful re-validation or re-issue, the process automates the OSI, SSR or email message advice to the relevant airline to inform of the re-issue/re-validation, according to pre-defined and configurable requirements for each individual airline. It then evaluates configurable Time Tolerance settings for both earlier than and later than original flight departure times, validates Minimum Connection Time on the new schedule prior to acceptance, and finally documents the travel record with process result remarks. The tool sends an email notification to the passenger, using configurable email subject lines and email header text lines via TripCase or a third-party email solution.

Missed Ticket Tracker verifies that all air segments and passengers in a travel record (PNR) have been fully ticketed prior to trip departure. Missed Ticket Tracker filters the travel record (PNR) received from the Sabre offline Enterprise Teradata Warehouse (ETDW) to ensure all PNRs are ticketed, and provides efficiencies by reducing scan ‘hits’ to the Sabre Host. You can choose to filter the travel record (PNR) feed from ETDW: (i) based on End Transaction, (e.g. all travel records created or modified in the last two hours), or (ii) based on Ticketing Date or/and Departure Date)
Queue Manager manages the repetitive manual process of queue distribution.

According to configurable and hierarchical business rules, Queue Manager automatically analyzes airline SSR, OSI messages and segment status codes in PNRs found in airline notification queues, and re-distributes or removes from the queue, as required. Re-distribution to alternative queues includes capability to configure agents’ personal queues, mapped to each agent’s sign-in or EPR (Employee Profile Record). Queue Manager is configurable to re-use the same PIC (Prefatory Instruction Code) as originally used by the airline’s notification, use an alternative system PIC, or even custom PIC.

Low Fare Optimizer automatically searches and re-books a lower fare on itineraries before ticketing. When your traveler purchases a trip via an online booking tool and pays by credit card, Low Fare Optimizer continues to check for lower inventory fare/class availability on the exact same itinerary up to a pre-configured cut-off time. If a lower fare is found prior to the cut-off time the new fare is stored in the travel record and then sent to the ticketing/fulfillment queue.

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