Operations Communications Manager capabilities are delivered through a user-friendly web-based GUI, allowing airlines real-time communications with ground stations and aircraft. It also provides the ability to share information between Sabre products and integrate third-party data into their Sabre applications.

Product value

Operations Communications Manager offers rapid and reliable communications with ground stations and aircraft, allowing improved commercial decision-making during the airline day of operations.

Complementary products

Operations Communications Manager is more powerful with Flight Plan Manager, Flight Explorer, Movement Manager/Movement Control, Crew Manager, Crew Control and Load Manager.

Life of the flight

Operations Communications Manager benefits the area of airline day of operations.


Crew Manager/Crew Control Integration

Crew Control Integration integrates with the Sabre crew solutions suite, facilitating the easy transfer of crew data among various Sabre systems, ground stations and aircraft. It provides improved monitoring of crew-qualification data such as landing pilot, landing conditions and auto-land tracking.

Flight Explorer Integration

ACARS Integration Service gives airlines the ability to visualize aircraft-position data within Flight Explorer and simplifies sending and receiving ACARS messages to and from aircraft. It improves situational awareness of aircraft status and improves air-to-ground ACARS communications.

Flight Plan Manager Integration

ACARS Integration Service provides integration with Flight Plan Manager, giving flight planners near real-time updates of aircraft route, fuel and altitude data. The capability enables flight planners to read, acknowledge and respond to ACARS messages from Flight Plan Manager. It improves situational awareness and response time during regular and irregular operations.


ACARS Manager Mobile gives airlines access to ACARS communications on aircraft that may not have native ACARS capabilities. It improves situational awareness for aircraft not equipped with standard ACARS capabilities.

Movement Manager/Movement Control Integration

ACARS Integration Service enables integration with the Movement suite of solutions, providing improved communications with both ground stations and aircraft. It improves situational awareness for commercial decision-making during regular and irregular operations.

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