Offline DCS Hub

Put a Stop to System Interruptions

System outages can wreak havoc on airport operations. Whenever network or host access is shut down, it’s nearly impossible to carry on business as usual.

To avoid frustrating customers with long lines, extended delays and human errors, airlines need a robust backup solution that eliminates interruptions and synchronizes data back to the host once connectivity is restored.

Stay Online when Everything’s Offline

Offline DCS Hub allows large carriers to preserve connectivity and uphold their service and reputation anytime the main system suffers an interruption. By linking to a local database, it can also synch and integrate data once regular access is restored.

In addition to enabling all check-in procedures, Offline DCS Hub can also handle more complex requests to ensure an uncompromised customer experience. Not only does it accommodate electronic ticket checks and manage passenger manifests, it can even provide alerts about equipment changes and send post-flight messages.

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