Movement Manager

Optimize Aircraft Resources and Adapt to Change

To make the most of aircraft resources, airlines need a solution that enables operational controllers to adapt to operational changes quickly. They must also be able to communicate critical data across locations and functions on a real-time basis.

Execute the Best Operational Plan at All Times

Movement Manager enables airlines to gain a competitive advantage by making optimal use of aircraft and executing the best operational plan to meet commercial objectives by tapping into innovative solutions.

By creating a collaborative environment that integrates systems and data across departments and alliances, carriers can protect schedules and minimize passenger impact. Along the way, they can use contingency planning and cost decision support to reduce disruptions while deploying recovery measures to ensure a consistent operational and customer experience.

Product features


Create a collaborative environment with common situational awareness.


Maximize aircraft utilization while meeting complex compliance and regulation requirements.

Maintenance reporting

Track and document aircraft maintenance.

Quick adaptability

Adapt to continuously evolving conditions.

Accurate recovery

Recover from disruptions with speed and accuracy.

Overseeing the Full Spectrum of Aircraft Management

Ranging from long-term planning to the day of operations, Movement Manager provides a single operating picture to protect the schedule and minimize passenger impact. The product is mobile-enabled, providing an on-the-go solution for collaborative decision making and monitoring. Tightly coupled integration with the Reservations system allows airlines to monitor passenger connections and better.

Long-Term PlanningShort-Term PlanningDay Of Operations
Data managementCommon situational awarenessManage by exception
System administrationTail assignmentReal-time schedule updates
User administrationMaintenance planningWhat-if scenario management
Manage operational restrictions and special requirementsMonitor crew qualificationsMaintenance control
Manage message formats and integration protocolsPost-analysis reportingTrack crew connections

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