Product value

Movement Manager Standard identifies airline operational issues and enables airlines to immediately begin contingency planning, minimizing downline impact, improving on-time performance and maximizing staff productivity.

Complementary products

Movement Manager Standard is more powerful with Recovery Manager Ops, Crew Manager or Crew Control, Flight Plan Manager, and Schedule Manager. It is also more powerful with the Movement Manager capabilities Flexible Messenger, Operations Dashboard, Operations Cost Analyzer, Operations Mobile, Operations Report Generator, Web Services and Movement Manager Web.

Life of the flight

Movement Manager Standard is beneficial in airline day of operations, recovery and performance analysis.


MRO Integration

MRO Integration offers seamless integration between Movement Manager and third-party MRO systems to provide real-time access to maintenance and special-requirements information.

Operations Cost Analyzer

Operations Cost Analyzer enables airline controllers to make informed decisions about delay management and optimize aircraft-turnaround management. It provides real-time financial assessment of proposed schedule adjustments using precise data, reducing uncertainty and improving the overall solution quality in solving problems.

Operations Mobile

Operations Mobile offers real-time visibility into an airline’s operations, whether at an airport station, in the operations control center or for airline executives, resulting in improved collaboration and streamlined decision making.

Operations Report Generator

Operations Report Generator enables airlines to customize their operational reports to suit their business requirements, resulting in more efficient decision making.

RES Integration

RES Integration gives operations controllers access to real-time passenger information, making them aware of and able to fully account for the true impact to an airline’s operations and its customers.


Web is a web-based system that displays flight arrival and departure information for a selected airport on a given operations day, offering operational efficiencies and communication at the station level.

Web Services

Web Services offers the ability to access operational data through web services for airlines to integrate real-time flight and aircraft information with downline systems, providing efficiencies and consistencies in information sharing.

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