Market Intelligence is beneficial in the areas of network development, product and pricing, capacity allocation, schedule optimization, day of operations and performance analysis.


Data Extract

Data Extract offers small airlines and non-airline businesses with a one-time data delivery service consisting of Global Demand Data (GDD), based on their required specifications. It helps these businesses achieve optimal results for their market research that they would otherwise be unable to attain.

Data Services

Data Services creates passenger itinerary-level advanced-booking and post-departure information. The data can be directly fed to an airline’s internal systems in business areas such as planning and scheduling, sales and marketing and pricing and revenue management. It organizes complex booking transactions from the global distribution system and transforms them into meaningful information. Available daily, weekly and monthly, it provides airlines with critical host and competitor information that can be used to make timely, fact-based operational decisions.

Global Demand Data (GDD)

Global Demand Data (GDD) connects airlines to robust market data and provides advanced data-analysis capabilities across multiple commercial-planning areas such as network planning, revenue management and sales. It empowers airlines to gain new insights into markets where they currently compete or wish to compete. It also provides a variety of ways to view potential market opportunities.


MIDT gives access to both historical and advanced (up to 11 months) bookings, allowing airlines to measure the impact of new pricing, marketing or sales initiatives. It gives airlines a clear view of developing trends along with advanced knowledge of industry threats. MIDT provides detailed market and decision-support analyses, which helps maximize sales and revenues. Combined with processed MIDT, it enables airline sales and account management, pricing and revenue management departments to easily extract data from global distribution system booking transactions.

Shopping MIDT Data

Shopping MIDT Data uses agency shopping data to help provide insights into a passenger’s original intent to travel. This enables airlines to uncover new commercial planning insights, such as O&D demand, market revenue opportunities, network strategy, pricing and revenue management and performance analysis. Shopping MIDT also provides key data points about the time when passengers look for fares, the points of sale (POS) and related trip characteristics.

Coming soon: Forecast Future Market Demand with Sabre Travel AI ™

Airlines will soon be able to use predictive intelligence to better forecast future demand and hone the schedule further in advance. By leveraging shopping data, as well as travel trends, machine learning algorithms can help airlines create more customer-centric schedules from the outset. Available beginning Q3 2021. Contact your account director or sign up to be the first to learn more.

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