Inventory manages an airline’s seat inventory and enables it to control and distribute available seats to various channels. The solution supports physical and financial controls, with a flexible business-rules engine that enables airlines to quickly implement a variety of business strategies to manage availability and waitlist processes, as well as control distribution channels. Through a fully redesigned user experience, analysts are enabled to work more efficiently through data visualization, streamlined workflows and contextual navigation.

Product value

Inventory is a state-of-the-art availability-processing solution that enables the optimal management of seats while increasing revenues through O&D enablement, point-of-sale control, dynamic availability and real-time revenue management.

Complementary products

Inventory is more powerful with Dynamic Availability.

Life of the flight

Inventory is beneficial in the areas of network development, product and pricing, distribution and channel optimization, capacity allocation, schedule optimization, day of operations and recovery.


Bid Price Exchange

Bid Price Exchange enables partner airlines to share bid price curves (minimum acceptable price for a seat) for financial availability calculation in their codeshare flights. Empowering the marketing airline to fully evaluate the request as its own, valuating the passengers and applying all its business strategies for the market requested.

Distributed Availability

Distributed Availability is a cloud solution that enables airlines to provide accurate availability with low latency for any third party. It increases booking conversion in third-party shopping channels.

Journey Data

Journey Data is a connectivity product activated in conjunction with GDSs that provides Inventory a full view of a passenger’s journey, thereby increasing effectiveness of O&D controls and evaluation. It enables airlines to ensure O&D availability is correctly calculated when agents book segment-by-segment.

Partner Specific Availability

Partner Specific Availability enables airlines define business strategies to differentiate their flights before “publishing” the availability for their marketing codeshare partners. It allows airlines to send modified availability status to each different marketing partners, sending specific availability status messages (AVS) to individual codeshare marketing partners address.

Seamless Codeshare

Seamless Codeshare enables operating carrier to receive real time availability and sell requests, either directly from the marketer partner or the originating GDS, to greatly reduce the risk of overbooking and enable last seat inventory management on codeshare partnerships.

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