In-flight, as the most advanced and only caterer neutral product on the market, covers all aspects of service planning, meal ordering, forecasting, operations, materials management, financial controls. In-flight uses advanced intelligence for reporting to help you manage costs, reduce waste, and optimize the traveler experience.

Product value

In-flight helps airlines realize 7-10% cost savings through reduction in meal wastage/shortage, invoice auditing and inventory management.

Complementary products

In-flight is more powerful with Schedule Manager and Movement Manager.

Life of the flight

In-flight benefits the area of product and pricing.


Galley Manager

Galley Manager creates a visual layout of how a specific service is situated on an aircraft once it has been ordered. The capability increases efficiency and optimizes the galley-loading plans.

Materials Manager

Materials Manager is an inventory-management module that provides visibility and control over an airline’s owned inventory based on future schedule and passenger forecasts. It also automates the generation of new orders, transfer requests and redistribution of the inventory around the network and increases efficiency by interacting with an airline’s enterprise-resource-planning system.

Operational Reprovisioner

Operational Reprovisioner enables airlines to manage and react to operational flight changes close to the time of departure. It processes real-time schedule changes and applies scheduling policies and rules to reprovision and recater flights. The capability is critical to managing day-of-operations changes, eliminating any manual/exception billing and increasing overall efficiency.

Spend Manager

Spend Manager enables airlines to compare previously projected catering costs to actual catering costs, permitting what-if analysis for adjusting and estimating future spend. The capability is vital in analyzing the cost impact of entering new markets or introducing new services to existing markets.

Stand Alone Meal Ordering System

Stand Alone Meal Ordering System uses passenger and item forecasts to reduce meal wastage via a dynamic self-adjusting algorithm and accounting for special meal requests, upgrades, no-shows and go-shows and staff travelers. The capability produces accurate forecasting to minimize meal wastage, reducing costs for airlines.

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