Flight Management

Keep Flight Costs Down-to-Earth

With costs, competition and airspace constraints on the rise, airlines must take measures to control total expenses beyond simply fuel charges. The problem is that accessing meaningful data and achieving workflow integration can be both complex and costly.

To be successful today, it’s key for airlines to embrace a shared situational awareness in order to manage the dynamic conditions affecting the industry.

Flight Management solutions combine the core functions of flight operations to deliver the industry’s lowest cost flight plans along with increased productivity. By establishing a shared operational picture, airlines can achieve maximum savings.

Using shared situational awareness, airlines are also able to effectively manage evolving conditions for optimum results. At the same time, they can integrate data and workflows into a single operational view to facilitate confident decisions.

Product features

Improve on-time performance

Deliver enhanced on-time arrivals and departures with integration of flight, crew and airport operations to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Efficient fuel usage

Achieve optimal fuel economy by dispatching, monitoring and rerouting flights based on real-time data and predictive tools which anticipate airport delays, weather and air traffic congestion.

Reduce diversions

Decrease diversions and avoid aircraft holding patterns. Minimize the impact of delays by providing dispatchers with accurate, planned, real-time and predictive data. Combine with route analysis and alerts to manage evolving situations proactively.

Synchronized airborne and ground-based data

Merge airborne and ground-based data by capturing and distributing valuable flight and airport information simultaneously.

Partner Perspective: Optimized Flight Planning Realized

“Sabre eFM, along with both Flight Plan Manager and Flight Explorer, are at the forefront of our Connected Flight strategy. eFM is about so much more than just removing the Paper Flight plan; it allows for real time and interactive Flight Crew briefing, re-calculation of Flight Plan, and dynamic updates to the briefing package. This provides benefit through both Flight Safety enhancements and operational cost savings. The digital transfer of our actual flight data into our analytical tools will also allow us to continually optimize flight plans at the planning stage.”

Jamie Ainsworth, Head of Aircraft Operations, Virgin Atlantic

Creating a Unified, À La Carte Service Platform

Flight Management provides airlines with a number of benefits all at the same time. Not only is OCC role assignment very flexible, labor costs are reduced and decision making is improved.

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