Flight Crew Access leverages built-in rules and configurations tailored to specific airline rules and regulations, while enabling crewmembers to bid on preferences for future schedules, vacation bidding, trip trading and pick up as well as pre-built rosters.

Product value

FLICA enhances crew scheduler productivity by allowing an automated crew interfacing system managing incoming requests and bids. An easy to navigate user interface allows crew members to make accurate and informed decisions that brings about a safe and efficient operation along with improved crew member quality of life.

Complementary products

FLICA is more powerful with CrewTrac.

Life of the flight

FLICA benefits the crew planning and scheduling window to help improve airline operations.


Line Bid Manager

Line Bid Manager Distributes bid packages online, sorts lines by preferences, electronically highlights and sorts pairings, collects bids, and processes and displays the final award.

Open Time Manager

Open Time Manager fully automates and processes crew member open time requests for drops, adds, swaps, and trades (with another crew member) interacting live with CrewTrac; displays updated schedules and available open time with pairing sort capability; processes requests in real-time with optional crew scheduler intervention; and includes management of reserve buffers. The included Tradeboard provides an electronic bulletin board for crew members to advertise pairing trade requests, communicate requests online, and see responses from other crew members.

Preferential Bid Manager

Preferential Bid Manager allows multiple crew member preferences and builds individual custom work schedules avoiding conflicts with carry-in, vacation, training and other known events; features over 25 preference types and each preference can be combined with up to 10 criteria for powerful trip selection. This product will operate according to scoped specifications to satisfy client requirements.

Reserve Preferential Bid Manager

Reserve Preferential Bid Manager auto-constructs reserve schedules to meet daily reserve requirements according to work rules & legalities while avoiding conflicts with carry-in, vacation, training, and known events; allows crew member input to reserve schedules through preferences such as: specific days off or days on, work pattern, maximum number of consecutive work days. It may be used as a Reserve Line Generator.

Training Bid Manager

Training Bid Manager collects crew member bids for preferred training dates and processes awards according to airline rules.

Vacation Bid Manager

Vacation Bid Manager collects crewmember bids and awards them vacations based on availability and airline rules. It allows crew to change or trade vacation periods after the initial awarding process. It also improves administrative efficiency, eliminates costly award errors, reduces crewmember grievances and eliminates short staffing and overtime assignments through fully automated vacation assignments.

Vacancy Bid Manager

Vacancy Bid Manager collects crewmember bids for upgrades and/or transfers by base, equipment and position within the company. It processes awards using airline specific rules.

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