Digital Experience capabilities enable airlines to develop fully responsive websites that offer a wide range of options, including shopping for flights, purchasing tickets and ancillaries and managing post-booking changes.

Product value

Digital Experience gives airlines faster time to market (TTM) through full ownership over the user experience.

Complementary products

Digital Experience is even more powerful when combined with Offer Management solutions such as Interline Branded Fares, Dynamic Retailer and Dynamic Rewards.

Life of the flight

Digital Experience is beneficial in the area of distribution, sales and service as well as channel optimization.



Check-in is Sabre’s self-service, airline check-in product, based on a responsive, mobile-ready website. This capability allows travelers to check in online through mobile and desktop devices. Airlines benefit from reduced cost of ownership and exposure to the most advanced ancillary capabilities Sabre has to offer.

Manage Your Bookings

Manage Your Bookings allows passengers to make exchanges and cancellations and add ancillaries and/or seats to existing bookings. By enabling passengers to service their own bookings with travel experience technology, airlines can reduce the cost of call-center staff while extending the airline brand.

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