Custom Messaging enhances the airline passenger experience by advising travelers of schedule changes that occur in advance of departure, advising when they are eligible for web check-in (providing the URL link) and advising of flight-status changes (gate changes, delay information and cancellations) beginning 24 hours prior to departure and through departure. It also prompts travelers to contact the airline once the trip has ended to offer feedback about their experience.

Complementary products

The solution offers integration between Custom Messaging and a number of other solutions, including Customer Experience Manager (CEM). This will provide the customer with an end-to-end solution for utilizing rules to send targeted airline customer messaging. This includes the ability for the customer to create their own notifications based on the data available in CEM.

Life of the flight

Custom Messaging is beneficial in the area of product and pricing; providing the customer with data on results of a notification, such as details on notifications that are sent, accepted and rejected. This provides the customer with insight into the effectiveness of custom message notifications.

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