Crew Manager ensures that crewmembers may safely and legally operate flights in accordance with regulatory requirements, airline policy and crew agreements. When schedule disruptions occur due to weather, mechanical failure, etc., Crew Manager helps recover crew operations by modifying the impacted crew rosters to meet the requirements of the amended flight schedule.

Product value

Crew Manager enhances crew scheduler productivity and user experience with capabilities that lead to improved decision making and efficient use of crewmembers.

Complementary products

Crew Manager is more powerful with Crew Planner, Crew Access and Recovery Manager Crew.

Life of the flight

Crew Manager is beneficial in the area of airline day of operations.


Vacation Bid Manager

Vacation Bid Manager collects crewmember bids and awards them vacations based on availability and airline rules. It also allows crew to change or trade vacation periods after the initial awarding process. Vacation Bid Manager improves administrative efficiency, eliminates costly award errors, reduces crewmember grievances and eliminates short staffing and overtime assignments through fully automated vacation assignments.

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