Connectivity is beneficial in the area of distribution and channel optimization.



Answerback returns the record locator from the reservations system when a transaction has ended. It provides confirmation that the information was received by the other reservations system. This minimizes uncertainty and ensures system synchronization.

Direct Access Interactive

Direct Access Interactive allows GDS travel agents to directly access host availability by entering a unique entry format to display true last-seat availability. It mimics the information that an airline agent would see and provides real-time availability.

Direct Connect Availability

Direct Connect Availability allows a GDS travel agent to input familiar, native availability entries (e.g., neutral, carrier specific, etc.). The GDS selects flights from its schedules database and requests specific flight availability via the EDIFACT message.

The participating airline’s actual last-seat availability is returned and integrated within the neutral city-pair availability display, based on the point-of-sale data of the requesting agent/agency. A seamless availability response is sent back to the requesting agent via EDIFACT with the inventory counts. By providing real-time availability and O&D controls for airlines, Direct Connect Availability enables them to further optimize their revenue. Given that the sell is interactive as well, it protects the integrity of the booking.

Direct Connect Sell

Direct Connect Sell is an interactive message that decrements Sabre host inventory at the time of a sale. It allows the booking of O&Ds instead of local bookings only, thereby improving airline revenue opportunities. It also serves as the basis for more complex availability and sell products, as well as decrements inventory in real time, minimizing out-of-balance issues.

GDS Claim

GDS Claim gives GDSs and reservations systems the ability to display, view, claim and transfer control of PNR data by using standard EDIFACT messages. It enables agencies to take control of bookings and make changes without having to coordinate with the airline.

GDS Electronic Ticketing

GDS Electronic Ticketing gives airlines the ability to distribute electronic tickets through travel agencies. It replaces paper tickets, which aligns with IATA industry standards and eliminates paper-related costs. It also provides greater distribution for airlines.

GDS Married Connections

GDS Married Connections protects the integrity of an itinerary sold as an O&D so a travel agent can’t cancel only one of the segments of a group of segments sold together, effectively circumventing O&D controls.

GDS Point of Sale

GDS Point of Sale enables airlines to refine their inventory controls based on the point-of-sale information sent by the GDS, resulting in incremental revenue gains.

Group Management Tools

Group Management Tools provide three main solutions to manage group reservations, including block-space, corporate and large-party reservations. Using these group-management solutions, airlines can create and synchronize reservations internally or with GDSs and other airline partners.

Interactive Seat Maps

Interactive Seat Maps displays the seat map in real time so travel agents can book a customer’s preferred seat.

PNR Servicing – Borrow

PNR Servicing – Borrow enables airlines to take a shadow copy of a partner PNR to assist with joint-alliance customers during irregular operations. It improves customer satisfaction during irregular operations recovery.

PNR Servicing – Lend

PNR Servicing – Lend enables airlines to share a copy of their PNR with a partner so the partner can assist joint-alliance customers during irregular operations. It improves customer satisfaction during irregular-operations recovery.

Pre-reserved Seats

Interactive Pre-reserved Seats gives travel agents the ability to request a specific seat from a participating airline via EDIFACT, providing immediate confirmation of seat assignments. The capability runs in real time, which helps eliminate sync and/or overbooking issues.

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