Codeshare Manager enables airlines to manage codeshare agreements with partner airlines and evaluate potential codeshare connections to maximize revenue. The solution accurately synchronizes and publishes operating and marketing flight changes in a timely manner to avoid expensive re-accommodation of passengers and minimize disruptions. 

Using the capability of Schedule Exchange, it drives decision efficiency and revenue maximization by improving integration across an airline. It also increases productivity with simplified workflows and an intuitive user interface, as well as eliminates codeshare-synchronization issues with partner file-process automation. 

Complementary products

Codeshare Manager is more powerful with Schedule Manager. 

Life of the flight

Codeshare Manager is beneficial in the area of schedule optimization. 


Schedule Exchange

Schedule Exchange is a web-based module that provides easy and efficient ways to generate, enrich and share both operating and nonoperating schedule-change information to internal and external stakeholders. The solution offers sophisticated process automation on an innovative platform that simplifies the schedule-change workflow and streamlines a single publication process across an airline. 

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Learn how you can manage and communicate schedule changes across your airline and codeshare partners in this Q&A.

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