The long-term success of virtually every business depends on strong, long-lasting relationships, and today that requires an effective Client Relationship Management (CRM) tool. Use ClientBase to easily mine your agency’s most priceless information. 

Want to be known as the agent who automatically fine-tunes each trip to the client’s personal preferences? ClientBase gives you instant access to your clients’ profiles, including phone numbers, email addresses, pasttrip information, preferences, and more. Whether it’s a room away from the elevators, an aisle seat, or that annual vacation in the tropics, you’ll be able to capture and store pertinent info that helps you know each client inside-out, and the info will be just a click away. Use the info to build lasting relationships as clients return to the agent who knows them best. And go a step further: use it to gain the insight into your customers that will increase your marketing success. 


ClientBase is available in several formats and with additional features: 

  1. Windows: Click here for more information here on using a desktop-based server/local install of the ClientBase product. 
  2. Online: Using ClientBase Windows but need access outside of the office? Check out the ClientBase online microsite here to learn about the web version of this solution.  
  3. Marketing Services: Click here to learn how a fully integrated and targeted marketing program can help your agency drive sales and profitability.

Key Benefits 

  • Enhances your customer relationship management capabilities 
  • Increases efficiency and productivity in your office 
  • Helps you deliver unbeatable customer service and increase agency revenues 
  • Drives greater marketing effectiveness 
  • Enables you to maximize the turnkey marketing campaigns offered by ClientBase Marketing Services 


  • Detailed client and vendor profiling abilities, including personalized marketing 
  • Advanced query and reporting features 
  • Labels, surveys, document templates and e-mail blasts from results of desired queries 
  • Maintain and track contacts and marketing programs 
  • Merge to PNR feature allows agents to push profile data into the PNR 
  • Import PNR segment details into ClientBase 
  • Res Card feature manages trip details including reservations, agent to-do lists, itinerary printing and invoicing, and inventory management 
  • Uses the same database as Trams Back Office system 
  • Live Connect to third-party web-based booking engines to seamlessly pass agency login and client data to the supplier booking site 
  • Live Connect can also import reservations from the booking engines back into customer profiles within ClientBase 
  • Import completed reservations back into your system with very few keystrokes 
  • Trams Multi-Synchronization creates a “Sync Copy” of the Primary Database for use by agencies with multiple locations

Customer Story 

“ClientBase Online is literally helping me grow my business”

Rob Hill
Taking Off Travel Consultants

Read more on Taking Off Travel Consultant’s fantastic experience with ClientBase.

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