Key Benefits: 

  • Offer customers more options with access to 37 car rental brands 
  • Satisfy clients with exact quotes using the Total Pricing feature 
  • Compare real-time rates and availability for increased accuracy 
  • Shop off-airport rental locations to enhance your customer service 
  • Book quickly and easily to save time and maximize your efficiency 


Cars reservation feature provides travel experts with the ability to put customers into rental cars around the globe quickly and efficiently. Comparing real-time rates and availability is fast and easy, connecting directly with car companies’ in-house systems.

Our Geosearch feature enables you to shop for car rental locations by varying criteria. And our industry-leading Total Pricing technology enables you to offer your customers an almost all-inclusive approximate total price for the entire length of the car rental. They won’t find estimates as accurate when shopping on their own. 

Direct Connect Availability

Direct Connect Availability provides descriptions of rate rules by product, contract/negotiated rates and one-way rates. You can also receive tailored marketing responses directly from the supplier to further assist with your sale. You’ll have the flexibility you need to explore makes and models and validate insurance and special equipment options. A variety of quick and easy formats give you shortcuts to compare information as efficiently as possible. 


Do you have difficulties shopping for cars at non-airport locations? The Geosearch feature provides a powerful search tool to automatically locate the closest car rental location  within a 10-mile or 16-kilometer radius from a given geographical reference point. With Geosearchyou can find rental locations based on proximity to a given street address, city name, point of interest, or surrounding airport. 

  • Use optional qualifiers to search for locations using either miles or kilometers, modify the distance and direction of the search radius, shop preferred vendors and specify Direct Connect Availability participants only 
  • Combine existing entries to short sell from the geocoded list, request a policy or quote a rate before confirming reservations

Car rental locations appear in the order of distance from the primary search qualifier. 

Total Pricing

Whether you are comparing several options, or you have selected a vehicle, the Total Pricing feature helps you better assist your customers with the most accurate total price quotes. In fact, Cars leads the industry by having the most Direct Connect Availability car associates that participate in Total Pricing. With Total PricingCars returns the basic rate plan and the approximate total price for the entire length of the car rental. The combination of the Total Pricing and Geosearch features of Cars gives you a significant and exclusive advantage in providing unequaled car rental services to your customers. 

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