Cargo Revenue Manager automates many of the manual processes in capacity management and booking evaluation, as well as helps airlines generate additional revenue from their cargo operations.

Product value

Cargo Revenue Manager enables airlines to improve the efficiency and profitability of their cargo operations by accurately forecasting cargo capacity and ensuring better decision-making on spot pricing by evaluating against an optimized hurdle rate.

Complementary products

Cargo Revenue Manager is more powerful with Schedule Manager.

Life of the flight

Cargo Revenue Manager is beneficial in the areas of distribution and channel optimization and capacity allocation.



Allotment makes decisions about customer and station-specific allotments approximately six months into the future. The feature’s decision-support model optimizes revenue by determining customer and station allotments and tracking allotment utilization.

Bid Price

Bid Price uses origin, destination and rate-class-based revenue-mix methodology that includes solving a comprehensive network optimization model on a nightly basis. Considering the authorized capacities, profit contribution, availability of multiple routes and demand forecasts, the model provides bid prices and gradients for various legs. Bid Price enables airlines to profitably manage the remaining space on a short-term basis by considering the available capacity and remaining demand forecasts.

Demand Forecasting

Demand Forecasting forecasts demand by origin, destination and rate class. By controlling inventory based on origin and destination, Demand Forecasting yields the maximum benefit in terms of network-level contribution. It captures the effect of long haul versus short haul, shifting of cargo from high- to low-load factor flights and route selection. The capability increases cargo sales through improved accuracy in cargo forecasting, including the ability to identify upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

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