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At Sabre, we understand that your customers have become more sophisticated and travel savvy, resulting in them being more selective in choosing which flight to book. We also realize it is required to quickly find the best fares, increasingly, in a matter of seconds.

Bargain Finder Max quickly compares hundreds of travel options based on your traveler’s specific needs.

Introducing the New Airline Storefront

Deliver a modern retailing experience that makes comparison shopping easy across airline offers. The new airline storefront is the newest capability of Bargain Finder Max. It enables like-for-like comparison by defining “shelves” on which travel buyers can shop based on total offer value.

Learn more about the new airline storefront here.

Bargain Finder Max Alternate Date

Search using various calendar date combinations, including +/- days, length of stay and specific dates. Ultimately, your travelers can plan in advance and compare more fares across multiple dates.

Bargain Finder Max Alternate Airport

Checking nearby airports can often yield very different prices. Compare fares based on various airport combinations.

Easily Find the Right Flight at the Right Price

When it comes to identifying an expanded number of priced itinerary offers in one entry, Bargain Finder Max is your ticket to reducing multiple shopping transactions and decreasing time spent searching for low fares.

Instant Results

Business or pleasure: find the lowest fares and best options in less than two seconds. Bargain Finder Max also includes Air Extras, Branded Fares and refundability within the response.

Multiply Your Options

Expand date and destination opportunities with Alternate Date and Alternate City search to maximize revenue.

Precisely Tailored

Customize shopping and tailor results for low fares based on itinerary, diversity controls and more.

Find the best fares with Bargain Finder Max

Build customer loyalty and revenue by providing more choices based on your customers’ individual travel needs. Now, you can present your customers the best fares based on a diverse set of carriers, non-stop and connecting flight options, short flight durations and specific departure and return date combinations.

You can count on Bargain Finder max for relevant, dependable content combined with fast response times through advanced fare and schedule-led algorithms. As a result, you can increase conversions and are better able to provide your travelers what they want most – smart travel options.

Quickly Search, Compare and Book

Air shopping is complex when you consider all the schedule and fare arrangements and constant updates from departure to an arrival destination. To eliminate the complexity, Bargain Finder Max takes a unique approach by combining a schedule and fare-led approach.

With schedule led, the search starts with schedules then compare fares, which delivers a highly customized solution that offers excellent schedule choices, carrier diversity and low-cost itineraries. And with fare led, fares are listed first, then followed by flight schedules – generating a large number of options at or close to the lowest available fare.

By combining the strength of both approaches, Bargain Finder Max offers the absolute lowest fares, quality schedule selection, unsurpassed carrier diversity and the highest level of personalization that leave even the most discerning travelers feeling completely satisfied. All of which enables you to build greater customer value that leads to increased bookings and higher revenues.

With Bargain Finder Max, you’ll find new ways to market, shop and increase your air booking conversion.

Sabre offers extensive Air shopping APIs to support your business needs

Visit Sabre Dev Studio, our portfolio of services and tools that allow you to build apps that move the world, and access Bargain Finder Max APIs.

Bargain Finder Max Demo

These API demo widgets offer quick access to see Bargain Finder Max and all Air Shopping products in action.

If you have additional questions or to learn more about Sabre, please contact us.