How many tickets do you refund a month? What if you could process them without calculations and in no more than two steps? With Automated Refunds, the refundable amount is returned in an instant, removing all manual calculations. Even better, Automated Refunds protects your revenue as results are included in the Sabre Fare Guarantee Policy.

What’s in it for you?

  • Increase productivity by automating the refund calculation, you can save up to five minutes per ticket refund
  • Avoid human error and reduce debit memos. Automated Refunds are included in the Sabre Fare Guarantee Policy
  • Improve customer service and increase rime for new sales by removing the complexity in the refund process

How will you stand out?

Automatically know the amount to be refunded with the highest level of refund automation. Automated refunds calculates the amount to be refunded and prepares the refund request in seconds.

Delight your customers with an improved service offering and quicker responses.

Remove human interaction with the Automated Refunds API. This allows the refund transaction to be deployed in B2C and B2B2C environments. With no travel professional intervention required, the offering can be deployed for customer self-service.

How it works for you

Protect agency revenues: Refunds are a top five driver for ADMs at agencies. Automated Refunds removes complex manual calculations that are subject to errors. It also reduces debit memo exposure because results are included in the Sabre Fare Guarantee Policy.

Use the highest level of automation: Automated Refunds references the airline-filed Category 33 Voluntary Refunds to calculate the refund amount and refund penalty in seconds. You can save up to 5 minutes per ticket refund.

Improve customer service: With an automated process and no complex calculations to do, you’ll be able to return faster responses and dedicate more time for new sales.

Make your life easier: The extremely simple use of Automated Refunds allows everyone in your office to perform ticket refunds. Alternatively, you could make refunds available for customer self-service online through our Sabre Web Services API.

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