Automated Exchange and Refunds includes change fees and add collects through the automatic calculation of taxes, fares and ticketing for published and private fares using ATPCO CAT31 and CAT33 data. Its automated-exchange functionality accommodates all voluntary and involuntary ticket reissues and is fully integrated to bring functionality across reservations, airport check-in and e-commerce. In addition, it provides exchange and refund capabilities during irregular operations, such as mechanical failures, weather challenges and schedule changes. This allows for involuntary reroute, schedule changes and no-coupon processing due to flight diversions.

Product value

Automated Exchange and Refunds enables airlines to automate the process of exchanging/reissuing tickets faster without manual input. It calculates additional collections and refunds automatically, which protects the airline’s revenue.

Complementary products

Automated Exchange and Refunds is more powerful with Digital Workspace, Pricing, Airport Check-in, Inventory and Ancillary Services.

Life of the flight

Automated Exchange and Refunds is beneficial in the area of product and pricing.

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