Auto Seating

Prioritize your Highest Priority Passengers

It can be a real challenge for airlines to give special consideration to those who have either earned or require high-priority status. High-value customers and those with special needs are just a few examples.

Without an automatic way to identify and look after these passengers, carriers run the risk of causing frustration and dissatisfaction that could cost them future business and revenue.

The Best Seats in the Air

Auto Seating ensures that special needs and high-value passengers receive preferred seating. Along the way, it also helps reduce manual processes used to assign seats on the day of departure.

Using a time-initiated automated process, airlines can use pre-reserved seating entries to assign seats to PNRs that meet rule criteria as defined in the Command Center GUI. Seating priorities are also completely configurable. And by integrating Customer Insights profiles, airlines can auto-assign passengers with their preferred seat type as well.

Product features

On-time departures

Reduce manual agent activities assigning, changing or swapping seats. Block adjacent seats with A-block to help with seat distancing.

Customer retention

Create rules to ensure your high-tier passengers always have the best seats. Sit groups together in advance, respect passenger inflight preferences and take care of travelers with special needs.

Configurable rules

Allow airlines to modify rules and run them automatically. Establish ad hoc rules as needed.

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