Ancillary Services enables airlines to create new revenue streams by selling new services or to unbundle their airfares to remove items such as seats and bags from the base fare and charge incremental fees for these services.

Complementary products

Ancillary Services is more powerful with Ancillary Inventory and Dynamic Retailer.


EMD-A Direct

EMD-A Direct enables airlines to associate ancillary sales to flights through the use of Electronic Miscellaneous Documents (EMD) to ensure visibility and traceability of ancillary elements and revenue.


EMD-A GDS extends airlines’ ancillary sales channels into the GDS for travel agencies to select and pay for ancillary services, such as paid seats or prepaid bags, as part of the reservation process. This increases the opportunity to generate additional ancillary revenue.

EMD-S Direct

EMD-S Direct automates the pricing and collection of service fees and nonflight-related ancillary fees with collection of payment via an Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD).


EMD-S GDS permits travel agencies to collect and remit payment to the airline for nonticketed items, such as deposit or change fees.

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