Sabre Ancillary IQ™

Dynamically price individual or bundled ancillaries

Traditionally, airlines have relied on pre-defined pricing rules that limit scale. Ancillary offer creation was linear and lacked self-learning capabilities—making it difficult to create personalized ancillary offers.

Generate Intelligent and Personalized Ancillary Offers

Sabre Ancillary IQ™ presents ancillary products and bundles travelers are most likely to purchase. It enables airlines to dynamically price seats, bags, seat upgrades, lounge passes—you name it. Embedded machine-learning models, powered by Sabre Travel AI™, consider shopping data and travelers’ purchase probability to optimize ancillary prices in real time.

Product features

In-path machine learning

Maximize revenue opportunities on demand.

Real-time pricing

Recommend ancillary price adjustments using advanced machine learning instead of manual rules.

Airline-defined criteria

Empower airlines to use their data to dynamically price ancillaries.

Continuous learning

Capture airline’s ancillary shop and book data.

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